Past exhibition


16 March - 20 May 2023


The Epic Encounters exhibition, displayed at the FOG Gallery, presents a curated selection of the photographic works of the Czech artist Eliška Sky. This series, composed of works created over a period of almost ten years, brings us to the world of surrealistic dreams, where everyone feels inclusive. The photographs and connections between them are full of spectacular encounters with light, places and people. They are influenced by the author’s constant search for the diversity of beauty.

When looking at Eliška Sky’s work, we feel that her uniqueness comes from her ability to see things differently from the rest of us. Her strong sense of colour, shape and theatricality is extraordinary. This theatricality evokes contemporary modern dance performance. For some time now, the artwork of Sky has been greatly influenced by the environment of London ‘grunge’ fashion magazines, where she is active. Her ponderings about beauty, about the ephemerality of existence, effortless of motion and playfulness of colour invite us to contemplate and meditate. 

Humour and exaggeration became an important part of her visual language. She lets her imagination run wild by creating unusual angles, shapes, styling and elaborate set designs through her surrealistic vision. Eliška Sky is redefining the norms of everyday. She is breaking stereotypes and challenges the view on the female body by bringing new views on how to interpret femininity. She also encourages viewers to take positive steps towards sustainable living. The message of this exhibition is clear: The diversity of beauty expressed through acceptance, connection and support.

Eliška Sky is a former digital creative consultant for Vogue CS, and current Canon ambassador. She regularly creates concepts and editorials for fashion publications and magazines. Eliška Sky was awarded the winner of Portrait of Britain 2018, Hasselblad Masters finalist 2018, winner of Diversity Now! by i-D magazine in 2015 and Fresh Eyes Talent in 2020. Forbes magazine selected Eliška among 4 Czech female photographers who dominated the fashion industry in the year 2019. She graduated with a masters in fashion photography in 2015 from the London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts and currently lives in London.

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