30 May - 6 July 2024

In my opinion, the reason behind this long-term collaboration between Jana Hojstričová and Palo Macho is founded upon several principles that have bound together the artistic duo in their creative endeavours for so many years. Both seem to yearn strongly for experimentation in artistic creation, and both are united in their deepening need for joint interdisciplinary thinking, not only concerning the artistic coordinates of glass, painting and photography, but also in the direction towards installation, architecture, the processuality of creation and its variability in constructional and installational recycling. The artist duo ruminates much more deeply on the exhibition space, its architecture, its luminous variability; and often such spaces appear as an integral part of their work. There is also a significant retreat in their collective work from a more artistic, perhaps individual treatment of glass towards a shared agreement on “cooler” conceptual strategies. Their aim was not to create a closed collection of works, but to affirm the importance of processuality and experimentation in creation.